Why You Need a Blueprint to Change Your Behavior

Do you know what is 19th January?

<aside> 🪦 It’s the day dreams die.


That’s not an over dramatization. 19th January is when most New Year resolutions are abandoned.

Most people start failing them earlier. Nineteenth January is the date most people completely abandon these resolutions.

The New Year resolutions success rate is a good measure of good humans are at changing our behavior.

Between 12 and 46% of New Year resolutions succeed, depending on the study you look at.

That’s abysmally low. It means between fifty and ninety percent of the time we fail to change behavior despite trying to do so. Would you buy a product with a 90% failure rate? It’s like buying a car that runs only four days per month.

<aside> 🤾🏻‍♂️ Humans are bad at changing our behavior.


Yet most of the advice for changing your behavior can be summed up to the tagline of Nike: Just do it. The inevitable result of this advice is we fail at changing our behavior. ‘Just do it’ becomes ‘Just do it tomorrow’ becomes ‘Just forget about it’.